Unfaithful Partner Investigation

Unfaithful Partner Investigation

An untrustworthy partner
An untrustworthy partner

When we fall in love with our partner , we love them with all our heart and present our self upon them our unfaltering affection and trust. They say that love encompasses a range of strong and positive emotional and mental states , the reality is so many break up for many reasons. In this fast moving entitlement world, most relationships begin with the best intentions, but soon change for some and being an unfaithful partner is one of them.

When you suspect your partner is cheating, you are the one who is living in pain and and despair , unable to get a good night rest and peace of mind with feelings of betrayal , disappointment, confusion and agony. It’s not a good situation to be in and what you need is closure. A straight forward answer with no bull. Statistics shows that in 85-90% of the cases. the suspicion is correct. Research have showed that 62% of men and 45% of women will cheat at least once in their marriage. Continue to live with an unfaithful partner is going to make your life less enjoyable. Its time to stop being a fool and its time to act. https://www.marieclaire.com.au/why-do-people-cheat

Signs of spousal infidelity

How we can help when you have a cheating partner

When you are suspecting your other half of being the bad half, you are making a serious allegation him or her being unfaithful and need conclusive evidence to substantiate your suspicion and get the peace of mind, for better or worse. I am the Private Investigator that can provide you with conclusive evidence of your partner cheating through discreet surveillance and evidence gathering . All our photographs and video evidences are time stamped for authenticity. Our wide range of infidelity investigative services includes:

Evidence of a cheating partner
Evidence of a cheating partner

One of the most difficult parts of my job is helping people who live in a state of doubt because they feel someone they love is betraying their trust.   Not knowing the truth is a horrible way to live. 
Soon after talking with my clients they realise I will be able to help them resolve their greatest fear.
Living in a constant state of doubt affects everything you do, 
you can’t sleep properly, you double check things you normally wouldn’t, 
you’re suspicious of every text message that comes through to your partner’s phone and so on. 
Your partner’s lie could be a relationship with someone else, or it could be a gambling habit.  Ultimately if you suspect something is amiss, it probably is.  My job is to find out what the thing is and get you documented proof. 
It is a horrible way to live, and I have so many clients beg me to give them assurances that they are worrying about nothing, because that’s what they want.  I want that for them too, but sometimes, their suspicions are valid, and although I end up telling them what they were frightened at finding out, they realise that the truth was really what they needed to hear. 
I often say my job is to find out the truth, but the reality is my clients need peace of mind, they need resolution and they want to make informed decisions based on truth, not suspicion.  Victims of liars often feel guilty when they assert their intention to take action, this is a common tactic of a liar to manipulate their victim. 
I often see cheating spouses trying to convince their spouse that their concerns are tatamount to their suspicious insecure thoughts, and completley unfounded.  In other words they have brought them on themselves, and often the victims are feeling vulnerable and become confused.  This is where my tangible uncontrovertable evidence will give you the confidence to stand up to a manipulative liar, it will equip you with the truth. 
Wouldn’t you rather put your mind to rest and let us get to the 
bottom of your suspicions than continue to live like that indefinately? 
With over 30 years experience investigating cheating spouses, I can honestly say that around 95% of cases are in fact a cheating spouse, and getting the proof is really easy. 
Occasionally, I’am glad to say, the suspicions are unfounded, but at least I put that person to rest once and for all, and that is extremely rewarding and satisfying for the client, and for me. 
To be honest, there is no “one size fits all” investigation, it takes time to learn your partner’s habits, and it takes skill and perserverence to catch them out.  Your expenditure budget is also an influencing factor, but I do guarantee one thing, I will not give up on you.  If they are cheating, I will catch them out, and I will provide you with tangible evidence of the cheating no matter how long it takes. 
The Top 10 Signs of a Cheating Spouse 
You notice a difference in your spouse’s character and general behaviour. 
Your spouse is keeping odd hours. 
Your spouse is unable to account for the odd hours he or she is keeping. 
Your spouse arrives late home of an evening without explanation. 
There might be a change and improvement in appearance and attitude. 
Phone bills and mail may be forwarded to your spouse’s workplace or a Post Office Box instead of home. 
Your spouse spends an unusual amount of time on the computer. 
Your spouse is secretive in his or her activities. 
There is a lack of sexual activity at home. 
There is a change of attitude and behaviour at home. You engage in less conversation and your spouse is keeping to him or herself. 
If you have experienced at least three or four of these differences in your spouse’s behaviour, it is extremely likely that your spouse may be involved in an external relationship. 

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