Workplace Theft

Workplace Theft

The enemy within:Workplace Theft

Theft at work cost employers a lot of money. This can result in a lost of revenue, low staff morale and employing more workers.

Theft at work can occur at anytime and at any workplace without the employer being aware. Theft in the workplace in whatever manner can be a challenge for employers to manage because employers may not have the time, experience and resources required to manage workplace theft.

If you suspect that an employee is stealing from you contact one of our Private Investigators at Investigative Solutions.

4 Reasons why employers do not report Workplace Theft

  1. The employer did not see the theft as serious.
  2. Not cost effective – the money and time involved in pursuing the theft was not worth it.
  3. Emotional reasons – The employee may have been a friend, long time employee or a family member.
  4. Employers do not believe the police can help. They often think that the police are too buys and may not have the skill to investigate at times complex financial thefts.
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