New Partner Investigation

New Partner Investigation

Are you in a new Relationship ?

A new partner Investigation is the last thing on your mind as everything seems to be perfect. You are reading this because you are probably in a new relationship with a new partner and you have proudly changed your relationship status from being single to being (i am in love). That’s fantastic; welcome to the love club! Using a Private Investigator to check up on your new partner just doesn’t seem like something a relationship should need.

However, after several months, something is telling you that things are not what it appears to be. You are wondering if this new partner is being honest with you in this relationship. It is becoming more difficult to keep up with the excitement in front of your friends and families.

You notice that the new partner is not staying over and making excuses to leave on many occasion. You don’t even know if your new partner is married and you wonder if he has children.

Couple in a new relationship
Couple in a new relationship

But in this world ruled by masks over faces, plagued by deception and where people are generally not who they claim to be, trusting your new interest at their face value can be risky and may be harming in the long run.

Nowadays relationships are started on online dating sites, chat rooms and on social media platforms where the virtual is taken as real. But this world is quite a dangerous one, plagued by catfishes & fraudsters, by people who in reality are miles from who they claim and pretend to be.

New Partner Investigation

Unhappy couple
Unhappy Couple

If you have even the slightest suspicion or gut feeling that your new partner may not be what they are projecting themselves to be, then feel free to contact us for a love check. Stop fooling your yourself , you are smarter than that. Your friends are already telling you that.

Our Private Investigators will conduct discreet surveillance for you, we will take photographic & video evidence for you, we will conduct background checks to bring the truth to light and save you from physical and emotional harm

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