Child Support Investigation

Child Support Investigation

Child Support Law

According to Australian Child Support law, it is the primary duty of parents, whether living together or separated, to financially support their children until they are 18 and self-dependent. The separated or divorced parents can apply to Child Support for the assessment of amount that should be paid for a decent upbringing of their children. This assessment is done on the basis of Child Support Formula, according to which the incomes of both parents as well the expected care arrangements are assessed to calculate the contribution of each parent towards the financial expenses of raising the child. Court orders bound both parents to notify the Child Support or CS about the care arrangements in the form of written or verbal agreement. In case if both of them are unable to decide mutually about the level of care, then the CS will determine the actual levels.

Low Income

As per the rules of Australian Child Support law, if one parent has low income but is not dependent on income support payments then he/she can be assessed to pay about $25.42 per child per week. This is known as “fixed assessment” and applies to those parents who reduce income so as to avoid the child support. The maximum payable amount determined by Child Support (called as ‘cap’)is based on the combined income of parents up to approximately 2.5 times the annual equivalent of MTAWE (Male Total Average Weekly Earnings).

False Income

No matter how strict are the regulations and how precise are the ways for determining the payable amount for children, the negative minded people always find some ways to bypass the laws. Different studies have been conducted to pinpoint these ways and researchers found out that some partners avoid their obligations by minimizing the payable amount of child support and use a wide range of tactics. These tactics include: listing false income under some business name, not declaring all sources of income and working cash-in-hand etc. sometimes there are also links between attempts to avoid child support and family violence like economic abuse.

Parent Income

Investigative Solutions is aware of all the problems a separated family may face when it comes to financial support from the other parent. In a recently conducted investigation, we investigate  all the information related to professional life and income of a father who had three children from his ex-wife but refused to pay the child support to the mother. Upon investigation, the findings were shocking as he was working as truck driver but used to sell cars from home. So, if you are having such issues in your life, do not step back and believe in false stories. Step forward, take stand for the rights of your children and all you have to do is to contact Investigative Solutions. We promise we will always be standing with you and find all possible solutions to save the future of innocent lives. Contact Investigative Solutions on: call/sms 0404164001

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