Workplace Theft Investigation

Workplace Theft

Theft in the workplace cost employers MONEY. Low staffs morale,lost of revenue and time. Theft in the workplace is not always about stealing money.However, it will always result in the lost of money. Theft can be giving discounts to friends and families, undercharging, fake invoices , fake refunds, receiving kickbacks or using the employers time to work at another site. Workplace theft can simply take many forms. Recently, Investigative Solutions placed surveillance on a worker from early morning to afternoon. The worker was a sales rep who had the responsibility in meeting his sales target and was on a substantial salary. The worker was found to be having long early morning breakfasts with the occasional drive to his accounts and followed with long lunches right into the afternoon. The worker was found to also conduct his personal shopping all on his employers time. This case did not involve money, undercharging, fake invoices , fake refunds or receiving kickbacks. This worker decided that he was not going to work and get paid for it. Our video surveillance gave the employer the evidence needed to legally dismiss the worker resulting in a very successful Investigation.

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Our Recent Work Place Theft story

Our private investigator in Melbourne recently received surveillance instruction from a client who operates a charity bin business. A percentage of the proceeds goes to charities. Somebody were cutting the bin locks and stealing clothes from the bins. Our 24 hour surveillance uncovered the thief to be a former disgruntled employee. Our undisputed video surveillance revealed the thief operating at night and loading a van with clothing. The thief was then followed to a depot where the clothing were loaded in a shipping container, ready to be sent overseas. Our client and the charity organisation lost considerable amount of money. Our photographic and video evidence was provided to the police and the thief was subsequently arrested on the spot.

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