Unfaithful Partner Investigation

In an age of digital connection never has it been easier for a partner to cheat. Internet cheating causes a partner to have the same distrust as off line cheating. The hurt and betrayal is the same and likely to result in a break up of a once trustful relationship or marriage. Trust is broken, sleepless nights sets in,you cannot function at work, you cannot function at home, you cannot look at your partner in the face again. You are shock angry and hurt. What do you do?

If you are reading this than you are already doing something. You contact a Private Investigator.You want proof and you want it asap. But how do you get the proof? you cant phone a friend and get the friend to follow your partner as this would be stalking and is illegal. You cannot follow your partner as it would be almost impossible without your vehicle being noticed. The first thing you are likely to think of is to hack your partner’s phone. See who your partner is texting,what images are hidden and what apps are being used.Hacking is illegal and asking a Private Investigator to hack your partner’s phone is just not going to happen as no private investigator will risk losing their private investigator licence for you. One of the biggest fear that most private investigators have is to be charged and make it on the evening news. Our line of work sometimes borders on a very fine line between legal and illegal. We cannot enter a private premises and we cannot install listening devices and we certainly do not hack phones and computers.So please do not ask us to operate in an illegal manner.

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So how can we help you?

We are legally allowed to follow, observe and record your partner in a public domain such as a restaurant, a bar and a night club.We will get as close as possible to your partner, use small covert cameras in order to obtain full incriminating evidence for you. We will then immediately upload the video evidence to our secure server and allow you immediate access to the video and photographic evidence. We will not keep you waiting, our evidence for you will be instant.

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