How much will a Private Investigator Cost me ?

How much will a Private Investigator Cost me ?

How Much Will a Private Investigator Cost


How much will a Private Investigator Cost me ? Like all services, you expect value for money. I am going to explain to you how to  get value for money from a Private Investigator. The cost of hiring a Private Investigator in Melbourne need not be expensive at all. But first, you have  do some simple preparation.


Because our competitors charge for Kilometres, at  Investigative Solutions , we do not charge you  Kilometres that we travel, as this will create uncertainty and will result in extra costs. We don’t even charge you for photographs or Video evidence. Above all you are in better control of your budget. In addition, we are upfront and  transparent. We will only charge you a simple fee of $100.00 per hour. We have a minimum hourly charge of 5 hours. So for a small budget of $500 as a result, we may be able to bring you peace of mind.

Our Communication with you.

You will be continuously informed of the progress of the investigation. For instance, we will  occasionally keep in contact with you through   phone calls and SMS messages. 

You can reduce the cost of Private Investigation  You will need to obtain a most recent photograph of the subject to be placed under surveillance so we can achieve a positive identification during our investigation. Do not provide an old photograph of the subject as this may result the wrong person being followed. You will need to provide the exact registration details of his or her motor vehicle. 

Please do not guess the vehicle details as this could result in the wrong vehicle being followed. Provide exact information on the color, make and model of the vehicle.

If possible, be clever and ask the subject very subtle questions about his or her movement prior to us commencing surveillance for you. Provide accurate work or residential address. Many of my clients have failed to provide accurate information and have insisted on the investigation to continue, only to find out that it is going to take a lot longer than what was anticipated and we all know that time cost money.

In conclusion our  investigators will also provide a written  report upon request. The cost of our report is $400

How much will a Private Investigator Cost me in Melbourne

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