How to conduct a moving surveillance perfectly?

Moving Surveillance

Surveillance by no means an easy task and in reality quite the contrary of a piece of cake as conceived by the general population. However, moving surveillance  may look easy because you just follow a car in traffic, but any seasoned private Investigator Melbourne will tell you otherwise. There are many ways where you can mess up the surveillance by closing too close so that the subjects gets the wind of you or following from such a distance that you miss the subject in a turn or intersection. Keep the following pointers in mind before conducting a moving surveillance, so as to make the most of it and not to make a wrong turn entirely.

  • What are the right and most appropriate distance to maintain during moving surveillance between you and the subject? This is one of the most frequently asked questions. The correct answer is that it depends upon the situation, the amount of traffic. The general rule is the more congested the traffic, the less the distance between you and the subject. As a rule maintain two or three car length distance.
  • Try to locate something unique about the vehicle you are following be it a bumper sticker or decals or body damages etc and memorize it by heart. Once you are on the road and the traffic is heavy the only thing that will help you to locate the subject vehicle is the uniqueness about it.
  • There are some places where it’s easy to lose the track of your subject vehicle. Intersections, bridges, toll booths are some of the places. Here you need to increase or decrease the speed according to the traffic lights and the horizon of the subject’s car. You need to keep an eye out for the stop lights and act judiciously so that not to fall into the place where the subject just whizzes past you while you are stuck at a stop light.
  • While videotaping a subject, keep the sun on our back. For if the sun is falling on your lenses then it may render the video quality poor by reflecting light from the window panes.

There were just some of the pointers private Investigator Melbourne follow, so as conduct the moving surveillance efficiently and effectively.

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