Could my partner be cheating ?


Many people are certain their partner is cheating but are too afraid to confront their partner,talk to friends or family  members.

Many blame changes in their appearance , ageing, unemployment,   injuries however, there is not just one reasons, there can be many.

In particular for women, it is during pregnancies and after child birth as their bodies go through   a lot of changes and  they worry that they are no longer as attractive to their partner .

Their partner may begin to look elsewhere for affection and appreciation as the woman begin to dedicate her attention into preparing for her  new baby.

The most common place for affairs to take place is at work as you tend to spend more time with your work friends  than with your partner.  8 hours a day with the same person 5 days a week can lead to affairs.

Affairs are often easier with somebody who  is also in a relationship or marriage . This is because  they both share the same common ground  such as guilt and lust. Both will use their partner’s lack of understanding as an excuse to be together.


So how do I find out, you ask?

Pay attention to your intuition !

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