Should I conduct my own surveillance and save my money?


The answer to that question is a big NO. You get what you pay for. Leave surveillance  to the experts  who has  been trained  to conduct surveillance in a discrete and professional manner.  Surveillance  is considered Stalking under Victorian Law , unless you are a licence Private Investigator operating only in Victoria and the licence is issued by Victoria Police. Legislation  specifically designed to protect  an individual from stalking was  introduced in Australia in the early 1990s

The law was enacted and  legislated in Victoria and states that a person is guilty of Stalking if their intention is to cause physical or mental harm to their victim, or cause the victim to feel fearful of their safety or for the safety of others.

Approximately 20  percent  of people have experienced stalking-type behaviours at some stage of their life. Complaints to the Police  are most likely to be female  who are  younger than their stalkers. Stalkers are most likely to be  a male known to the victim.

Stalking often begin in an innocent and minor manner, often by a person who has been made to feel unwanted or undesirable  by a former partner. Many Stalkers are from broken relationships and simply want to know how the other ex partner is coping without them. This may appear to be ok, but if you are caught out by the stalking victim you can find yourself in trouble with the law. The best way the Victorian law deals with Stalkers is for the victim to apply for an intervention order through the magistrates court against you .

This will prevent you from contacting, harassing, intimidating your ex partner or anybody else. You will also be prevented from allowing another person from doing any of what you are prohibited from doing. Now, here is where a Private Investigator can help you. Assuming there has been no Intervention order taken against you . You are within your legal rights to use our surveillance service. We are licenced private investigators operating in Melbourne and our licenced is issued by Victoria Police. We legally can follow and obtain photographs and video of a subject whether it is your ex-partner or somebody else.

However, we  would like to think  that you have a genuine  and legal reason as to why you would want to place somebody under surveillance.

For example is your ex not paying child support and is working on the side but claiming to be un-employed ? Surveillance from Investigative Solutions Pty Ltd  will provide you with the video and photographic  evidence which then can be forwarded to the  Child Support Agency.

To simply have your ex followed  for peace of mind by using a licenced  private investigator is not illegal. However, it is your money and how you choose to spend it is entirely your choice.

Remember, if you engage in the services of a Private Investigator, always ask for a copy of their Pi licence. If they hesitate or make excuses  instead call Investigative Solutions on 0404 164 001

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